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Grades on the 1/19 Labor Log

Grades on the 1/19 Labor Log published on

LOLCAT says, "It's an A paper... Seriously."I have graded all of the 1/19 Labor Logs. In this post, I’ll comment on how you all did and what you can do if you are not happy with your grade. Please read the information carefully and note the related dates.

My Grading Strategy

First, let me explain a little about my strategy. To speed up the grading, I make individual comments on your work when there is something you need to spend more time on, and then I post an overall summary with feedback for everyone here on the course website. This process lets me tell you all about the trends in the class at once, instead of typing things out on 88 different projects.

I use this system for all of the work in the course. That said, I probably will not post again on the Labor Logs, since you understand the assignment now.

Overall Feedback for the Class

  • Complete logs: Most of you did a great job following the instructions, including all of the required information about your work during the first week. I know that the work was light last week. I will expect to see more detail from some of you in future posts.
  • Work on document design: Some of the logs could be improved with more attention to document design.Using headings and chunking your text will make it easier for you to find information in your logs later in the term, when you are working on your final exam. You can read more about headings and chunking in Ten Ways to Improve Your Writing.

Revision for the 1/19 Labor Logs

I have reopened the assignment so that those of you who want to revise can improve your project. Follow the guidelines below to resubmit your work.

  1. If I made a mistake
    Send me an email message or a private message in Canvas with the details. I’ll fix it.
  2. If there were problems with the content or design of your log
    Revise your project to improve your work, adding whatever is missing or tweaking the design. Resubmit your project, and I will regrade your work.
  3. If you did not submit your log at all
    It is too late. Be sure to turn in all the remaining projects if you want to pass the course.
  4. If something else is going on
    Send me an email message or a private message on Canvas with the details. I’ll see what I can do to help you.

Revision Deadline

By 11:59PM on Friday, February 2, submit your 1/19 Labor Log revision. If that deadline is an issue, let me know BEFORE 11:59PM on Friday, February 2.



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