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#WeekendWatch: Video Progress Report

#WeekendWatch: Video Progress Report published on 9 Comments on #WeekendWatch: Video Progress Report

There may be times in your work that you will use video to share a progress report. For example, you might record a walk-through of a space you are building to show your stakeholders the progress you have made. A game developer might demonstrate the latest features in a game as progress report on the next version. In any career field, you might make a video of a slideshow-based progress report with audio commentary so that stakeholders can watch the show on their own time.

Today, I have a video progress report on Charlie, a service dog in training to work with a U.S. veteran who has a disability. The Today Show is working with America’s VetDogs to follow the work that goes into preparing a service dog and highlight how the animals help veterans.

This Today Show video is a very informal progress report. It would not work for every audience; but it does demonstrate Charlie’s progress. Listen for details on what Charlie has learned and what will happen in the future as he continues his training.

From The Today Show: TODAY’s Puppy With A Purpose Charlie On His Way To Becoming A Valued Service Dog



Note: This video has closed captioning, so it does not need a transcript.


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