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Writing Your Final Exam

Writing Your Final Exam published on

This is the post for the week of April 23, 2018.

meme of lolcat evaluating humanReadings for the Week

Tasks for the Remainder of the Term

  1. If you have questions about readings, research, or writing, let me know. You can send me a private message in Canvas or send me an email message.
  2. All transcript opportunities have been claimed for the term. No more transcript requests are coming.
  3. By 11:59PM on Monday, April 23, submit  your 04/20 Labor Log in Canvas, if you are using the grace period.
  4. By 11:59PM on Wednesday, May 2, submit revisions, transcripts, and other work for all projects due. There is no additional grace period on these projects.
  5. By 11:59PM on Thursday, May 3, complete your SPOT survey. Use the advice on the #WednesdayWrite: SPOT Evaluations (coming 4/25).
  6. By 11:59PM on Monday, May 7, submit your final exam in the Final Exam: Performance Review assignment in Canvas. There is no grace period on the Final Exam. If you do not submit your exam on time (or do not submit it at all), your grade in the course will be lowered.

Calendar for the Rest of the Term

This is the same info as above, presented in a table. All submissions due by 11:59 PM.

Day Date What’s Going On?
Mon 04/23 Genre Analysis Report due
Mon 04/23 Grace period for 04/20 Labor Log ends
Thu 04/26 Grace period for Genre Analysis Report ends
Fri 04/27 04/27 Labor Log due
Mon 04/30 Grace period for 04/27 Labor Log ends
Wed 05/02 All revisions, transcripts, and other work for all projects due
Thu 05/03 SPOT Responses due
Mon 05/07 Final Exam due (no grace period)



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