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#TuesdayTutorial: Dealing with Deadline Stress

#TuesdayTutorial: Dealing with Deadline Stress published on 11 Comments on #TuesdayTutorial: Dealing with Deadline Stress Login Help videos are free to Virginia Tech students with your VT.EDU login. Start at the VT.EDU login page to access these resources.

You will find times in the workplace (and certainly here at college) when you have to do a lot of writing in very little time. Today’s #TuesdayTutorial provides advice on how to structure your time and get a piece of writing done under a deadline.

The video Writing Under a Deadline (33m 38s) includes tips that will help you begin, write, and finish a project on time. You will hear advice on establishing a timeline, organizing your ideas, staying focused, and polishing your work before you submit it. Even if your time is tight now at the end of the semester, it’s worth investing some time in this video:

Note: This video has closed captioning, so it does not need a transcript.


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