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Writing Groups Are Ready

Writing Groups Are Ready published on

Writing Groups for the term are now set up in Canvas. When you go to the group messages in Discussions, you will now automatically be with the members of your group.

I sorted everyone who filled out the Spring 2018 Group Preferences Survey according to the preferences indicated. The survey closed at 11:59PM Tuesday. Here are some details about the groups:

  • There weren’t enough Night Owls or Early Morning people for an entire group, so those folks were placed in an Evening group and a Morning group, respectively.
  • There also weren’t enough people who finished early in the categories, so those folks were added into either steady or complicated groups.
  • 23 people didn’t fill out the survey at all 😢 These people were sorted randomly into “no preference” groups.
  • The group names are fairly unimaginative. If your group wants to change the name, decide in the Group Ground Rules Discussion in Canvas. When you have a new name decided, have one member of your group email me ( with the old name and the new name.

Now that the groups are set, you can begin work on the Tasks listed in Step 4 of this week’s post.


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