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Grades on the Group Preferences Survey

Grades on the Group Preferences Survey published on

There have been some questions about the grades posted tonight for the Spring 2018 Group Preferences Survey.

The survey was item #4 on the list of tasks on the post for the first week of class on the course website. The survey was also mentioned in the third bullet point under Notes on the post for this week.

The survey used a Google Form (because it allowed me to sort responses in a spreadsheet). It wasn’t an assignment in Canvas. I added it as a “No Submission” assignment in Canvas to give people credit for completing it. Basically, if you filled out the survey, you earned a Complete (a checkmark in the Canvas Gradebook).

In the long run, missing one Discussion assignment won’t make much of a difference in the course; but I like to make sure I give folks credit for what they do.


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